How to Fill Up Your Empty Tank

Written by Certified Health Coach, Women’s Fitness Specialist + Fit Girl Retreat Leader J Muenz.

I was a nanny before, during and after college. I spent my afternoons making snacks and driving kids to their after school and summer events. I watched as they played with kids on the playground and grabbed kleenex when they had bloody noses. I loved them. Hard. But after spending all my energy on these sweet little people, I was running empty.

I stopped taking care of myself. Make up was out the window. My exhaustion reached an all-time high and I skipped yoga classes to sleep in “just a few more minutes.” I started dragging and dreading these energy bunnies.

Then I developed a system. I woke up, had an energy packed breakfast, (protein pancakes: 2 eggs + 1 ripe banana. Blend. Make like pancakes) and showed up ready to play! I took the kids outside, so I could get fresh air too. I worked out on the playground. There are a bazillion workouts you can do outside while watching the kids.

Playground workout:

Air squats

Standing lunges

Holding a squat pose doing arm swings

Push ups

Leaning against a bar and doing angled push ups

Jumping jacks

Running/Walking/Jogging in place

Chasing them around

High Knees

Kick your booty

Basically any short exercise that will get your heart pumping enough to bring fresh oxygen to your brain!

The empty tank happened to me again in 2013, when I became a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach.  I was working with 10+ people per month and I was tapping out of every ounce of energy I had.  Burn out city was coming on strong.

I had to re-invest in self care and learn how to say no to potential clients and opportunities that I knew would suck me dry.

I started scheduling workouts, like I do health coaching sessions.

“Sorry, that day and time won’t work for me, but these will…”

I set concrete hours where I’d conduct sessions, not every day and not several clients a day.  I became a scheduling fool!  When I made time for workouts, I became a better coach and fitness instructor.  I had more quality time for me, myself and I which decreased my stress levels immediately.

I jotted down what I was eating and started incorporating fuel foods every day. My energy revved up like a well oiled machine!

This is my favorite Beauty Smoothie Recipe to wake up energized:

  • 1-2 cups coconut milk
  • Few shakes cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • 1 handful spinach
  • 1 scoop vegan protein powder
  • 1 banana

If you play around with the amounts, you’ll find a smoothie that works well with your taste buds. All you have to do is blend this baby up and you’re looking at glowing skin, energy for days and a healthy digestion.

So there you have it, if you learn how to eat for fuel rather than pleasure, start incorporating time to workout and learn how to say no, you will start feeling ALIVE in no time!

About J: FullSizeRender (5)


5 years ago I lost 23 pounds.  I changed my mindset, did the work, eliminated sugar + carbs and told the circling thoughts that said “YOU SUCK” to take a hike.

While changing my life, I enrolled in nutrition school and became a Health Coach in 2013. Not only do I have the honor of helping you drop the roller coaster diet, I lovingly guide you to discover how to get your dream job (once we figure out what it is).  The road map for your dream body + welcome you to the sisterhood of pump of ladies in Fit Girl Seattle.

I’ve worked with more than 200 people who wanted to lose weight and get ahead in life.  I’ve created seasonal detoxes, 28 day programs and led Fit Girl Retreats.  I created the Fearful to Fit Girl Program this year to take you through a 90 day program that enables mindset shifts and the ability to leave weight, wounds + worries in the dust.






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